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MATRIX - 2017

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Τιμή: 610,00 €

Προσφορά: 510,00 €


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Περισσοτερες Οψεις

  • C4
  • C1

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Τιμή: 610,00 €

Προσφορά: 510,00 €



Whether you are cruising across your local lake or chasing down a friend on the open ocean, the versatility of the all new Matrix will make every session easier, faster and more fun.

The MATRIX is the ultimate all terrain freeride sail. With endless speed, incredible versatility and the lightest handling of any freeride sail in the magazine tests, it was no easy task to improve this multi-test winning sail for the 2017 season!

The MATRIX combines an easy rigging, lightweight cam-less design with legendary performance and handling for everyone from beginner to expert looking for a plug and play freeride sail. Through the implementation of our new masts we were able to reduce the luff curve creating an even more agile and dynamic MATRIX for 2017. Our new inset clew geometry results in a shorter boom length providing the rider with an improved balance of handling and performance.



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