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HYBRID - 2017

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Τιμή: 490,00 €

Προσφορά: 420,00 €


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Τιμή: 490,00 €

Προσφορά: 420,00 €



Designed to guide you smoothly through your first windsurfing experiences the 2017 GA Hybrid is the perfect choice for newcomers and recreational cruisers.

With a new outline and a forgiving and a forgiving luff curve allowing a variety of masts, the 2017 Hybrid is incredibly easy to rig and tune right out the bag.

On the water the new Hybrid is more agile and responsive than previous years making your first gybes and tacks a breeze. A simplified panel layout for 2017 means the sail is stronger than ever and the weight savings makes up-hauling or learning to water start tons of fun. In 2017 we have the Hybrid HD as bullitproof XPLY version with a full XPLY window.

The Hybrid is the go to sail for anyone looking to get their first rig or expand their first quiver. The forgiving luff makes it compatible with both SDM and RDM masts of various carbon contents without impacting performance. It´s a simple sail that lets you focus on what´s really important, water time!



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