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The Force FIVE is the latest evolution of the core Naish wave sail design that dates back to the early days of the brand. It is the most versatile sail in the range, delivering world championship performance in everything from onshore slop to side-offshore down-the-line surfing conditions.

As THE sail for riders who demand instant acceleration, power and control in all conditions, the Force FIVE is also an excellent highwind bump-and-jump sail thanks to its straight line speed and stability. It is favored by many heavier riders because of its exceptional power.

Key Features:

- 5 Battens = Stability
- Center Shape = Power + early planing
- Medium Aspect Ratio = Great handling + wide range
- Twin X-166 Luff Panels = Solid, locked-in power

Sail Size

Specs :

Size Luff Boom Head Battens Cams Recommended Mast Weight (kg)
3.7 354 142 vario 5 0 RDM 90 370/340 2.85
4.0 368 144 vario 5 0 RDM 90 370 2.96
4.2 382 150 vario 5 0 RDM 90 370 3.07
4.5 392 154 vario 5 0 RDM 90 370 3.20
4.7 404 160 vario 5 0 RDM 90 400 3.30
5.0 414 164 vario 5 0 RDM 90 400 3.39
5.3 426 168 vario 5 0 RDM 90 400/430 3.48
5.7 436 176 fixed 5 0 RDM 90 430 3.61
6.2 448 182 fixed 5 0 RDM 90 430 3.76





Standard Clew Construction

The radial clew is the strongest and lightest design in the industry. A custom titanium ring is connected directly to radial Kevlar load strips via high-tenacity nylon webbing. The Warp Kevlar taffeta leech and foot tapes carry the perimeter loads.


Tack Fairing

Durable molded EVA tack fairing that folds back for easy rigging and protects the sailors feet, mast and board. It features a grommet for the uphaul line and a mesh pocket with a Velcro closure for storing the downhaul line.


6-Ply Batten Pocket Construction

Striking a critical balance between light weight and durability, the batten pocket balances the power loads and has scuff protection on both sides of the sail.


Roller Tack Pulley

A downhaul pulley that integrates a lightweight die-cast stainless steel housing and low-friction Nylatron GSM pulleys. It provides both standard 6:1 and 4:1 rigging options. This system makes downhauling very easy and reduces wear and tear on the downhaul line.



Loop and Go

The unique geometry of our pulley offers both traditional 6:1 AND 4:1 loop-and-go rigging.


Downhaul Pocket

Secure mesh pocket with Velcro for storing the downhaul line.


Boom Opening + Position Marker

The boom opening has a long sleeve cutout for easy rigging, and features position markers that enable perfect boom positioning every time you rig.


Scuff Protection

Naish sails include comprehensive lightweight PVC scuff protection for both sides of the sail.


Data sheet

Sail Size Range
3.1 up to 4.0
4.1 up to 5.0