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Performance touring defined. Go further faster with the new 14x30 COCO mat Performance Touring. Smooth natural shape cuts through the water gracefully giving you optimal performance with each stroke. Tie down front and back for added storage capabilities.

– The Performance Touring range incorporates NSP’s race winning design elements for exceptional glide with touring-specific features.
– Flattened nose and tail deck areas for gear loading, plenty of insert points for attaching your gear. Nose and tail bungy plus FCS insert for attaching a GoPro ® or GPS
– Added volume in the nose to support heavy loads and to ride over chop easily.
– Paddlers will appreciate the great tracking and superior handling in crosswinds.



What is SUP touring? 
SUP Touring entails paddling for longer distances at a moderate pace without taking a break. If epic adventures (and core workouts) excite you, then SUP touring is going to be your next hobby. The best touring boards have a wider template to float more weight and additional gear. Like all touring boards, the Cocoflax Performance touring has a distinctly bulbous nose, setting it apart from conventional shapes.

Get out and explore! 
Always paddle to the next corner, see what’s around it and go further and faster in all conditions. The combination of volume (317 liters or even 332) with a displacement hull makes this an excellent travelling partner. For dedicated wildlife explorers or multiple-day creek tours, there is no board better suited than the Cocoflax Performance Touring, as it has the convenience, the durability and the efficient hull design, all in an eco-friendly construction – just the way NSP likes it.


The Performance Touring range incorporates NSP’s race-winning design elements (NINJA inspired bulbous nose) for an exceptional glide with touring-specific features.


Board Length Width Thick. Vol. Fin Weight +/- 5%
12'6" x 32" 12'6" 32" 8 ³/⁸" 316.8 lt Hatchet 9" 13.2 Kg
14'0" x 30" 14'0" 30" 8 ³/⁸" 332.1 lt Hatchet 9" 14.0 kg


  • Eco-friendly shape molded SecureCell EPS core.
  • Coco mat Fiber construction
  • Durable gel coat skin
  • Hand polished rails
  • GoreTex valve
  • FCS inserts for GoPro or GPS
  • Full colour bottom and rails
  • Fin included with each board
  • Ledge handle
  • Cargo plugs on nose and tail
  • 4mm EVA deck


Eco-friendly precision molded SUP boards utilizing coconut husks.

CocoMat is an innovative, sustainable, proprietary and patent pending technology. NSP uses raw coconut husk fibers from naturally sustainable plantations and eco-friendly bio-resin. Visually unique board with an unmatched strength to weight ratio. Light to carry, easy to maneuver and even lighter to paddle. Responsive flex and strength gives confidence to push your limits in the conditions


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