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The longboard in our SUP surf line-up, this classic wave rider now features a channel bottom for extra speed and swallow tail for snappier turns. Shaped and designed by Dale Chapman, this is the 3rd evolution of the DC Super X.

• New flax rails and Paulownia wood veneer deck provide extra durability and strength, while keeping in line with our brand’s eco-friendly intiatives.

• The tail has been slighly widened and the addition of the channel bottom generates speed, while the swallow tail loosens up the tail for greater manuevrability.

• The DC Super X range suits both small and big swell.

• Performance riders will appreciate the extra grip with our newly designed thermoformed EVA tailkick pad with center arch.

“I’m happiest paddling these out to my local point at Currumbin Gold Coast, trimming on the nose, or back on the swallow and effortlessly enjoying a classic cutty or two.” Dale Chapman - Shaper



The DC Super X is for the big stuff and the smaller swell The range suits both smaller and bigger swell. Depending on the conditions, the DC Super X works in a wide variety of conditions, allowing you to rip on bigger days or try yourself with some classic moves like the helicopter or goof around with a transfer.

– Featuring thin chimed rails in the nose area with a generous amount of tuck through the mid-section foiling to a sharp release edge in the tail to maximize the best short and longboard styles

Single to double concave bottom contour leading into a high performance pulled-in tail section with lower rails for extra grip on the wave face.

9′ x 28″ (116.5 L) Super cool and versatile board that will turn heads hotdogging in small to medium waves. Excellent for light (75kg – 85kg) beginners to intermediate+. Soft nose entry running through to the hard edge around the tail.

10’ x 27″ (126.1 L) NSP’s signature 10ft board, the super high performance “quiver killer” model. Effortless to ride with less rocker in the nose and more in the tail it trims beautifully to “walk the board”. Ideal for 75kg-85kg intermediate to advanced surfers to gain skills quickly – hanging 10 and drop knee cutties. Dale Chapman’s personal favorite in the 10 ft range.

10’ x 29″ (132.0 L) A scaled-up version of the 10’x27″, it’s more forgiving and stable but with the same killer performance for 85kg-100kg beginner to intermediate riders. Concave nose and soft chimed rail for nose riding, then jump on the tail to ride like a shortboard. Super fun, fast and rides waves effortlessly.

10’x 32″ (152.0 L) Scaled up again and a wider version for the big dudes offering uncompromised longboard performance, super stability and style for 95kg -115kg + beginner to intermediates.

Length Width Thickness Volume Fins
9’0” 28” 4 1/2” 122.0 L 2 x J3 + 1 Wave 6
10’0”  27 1/2” 4 3/8” 125.0 L 2 x J3 + 1 Wave 6
10’0” 29” 4 5/8” 144.0 L  2 x J3 + 1 Wave 6
10’0” 32” 4 5/8” 152.0 L 2 x J3 + 1 Wave 6


Flax Rails

Kick Pad with Arc Bar

Channel bottom for speed

2 x Fin boxes -FCS II

1 x US Wave 6


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